Anastasia Simes

Silver Guardian Ring


Guardian Ring

Mysterious Guardian. With its black diamond eyes, this silent witness is watching over you, observing the life you are creating for yourself. 

May this talisman serve as a powerful reminder that we all have a vision inside of us, sleeping, until it is called forth from the depths of our hearts and wrestled into being.

This Guardian signet ring design features a comfortable lightweight hollow box construction made of blackened .925 Sterling Silver with Black Diamonds and Eye Agate. It will keep you a good company.

 -.925 Oxidized Sterling Silver

- Eye Agate center stone (every stone is unique)

- Black Diamonds for the eyes

Also available in Gold.


* Note: This is a made to order item. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. Please remember that these are hand-fabricated items featuring natural stones, which means that each piece will have its own unique variations. If you don't see your size please contact me.

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