Anastasia Simes

Libra Ring


This ring is for the natural-born leaders and decision makers who entered this world during the rule of Libra. The sword at the center of this ring represents decisive judgment. Although scales are the more common symbol for Libra, a sword epitomizes action, which is what ultimately turns deliberation into reality. On the other side of the ring is the symbol of Venus, the ruling planet of Libra and the Roman goddess of love and beauty. These diverse aspects illustrate the multi-layered personality of the Libra native: resolute determination combined with artistic elegance. Wearing this ring will remind you that the decision is always yours!

 Each piece is made from blackened and textured .925 Sterling Silver, utilizing the ancient lost wax technique. The design features three stones: Sapphire, a Libra birthstone that represents wisdom; Zircon, embodying the power of will; and Garnet in the handle of the sword, symbolizing the energy of the heart. 

 • .925 Sterling Silver

 • Blackening

 • Sapphire **

 • Zircon

 • Garnet

 • Lightweight hollow box construction


*All items are made to order.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Note: these are hand-fabricated items featuring natural stones, which means that each piece will have its own unique variations.

**This lab-created sapphire is made with corundum and offers an intense blue color. Each stone has a chemical make-up identical to those found in nature.

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