Anastasia Simes

Diamond Bird Ring in Gold

This ring was created during the last several years of uncertainty and stormy seas. 
I was inspired by Noah, who, after surviving the flood, stood on the deck of his ark, looking out into the gray mist that surrounded his enormous ship. He was met by calming waves and the silence of the unknown. His eyes sought any shape that might resemble the shoreline.
There was only angst, fear and restless anticipation - until he heard the rustling of wings in the distance.
A bird he released, seemingly an eternity ago, was returning to him, bringing a message of new beginnings: new life, new land, and the profound knowledge that the voice he heard inside himself was telling the truth …

Made to order in 925. Oxidized Sterling silver and 14k gold with bright green Tsavorites and white Diamonds. 
  • 925 Oxidized Sterling Silver
  • 14K Gold
  • Tsavorite 
  • Rose Cut Diamond
  • Comfortable lightweight hollow box construction
Choose one of these personal messages, visible only to you, to be engraved inside your ring:
  • Intuition
  • Veni Vedi Vici
  • Aim High
  • Strategy
  • Faith
* Note: This is a made to order item. Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery. Please remember that these are hand-fabricated items featuring natural stones, which means that each piece will have its own unique variations.

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