Anastasia Simes

Black Diamond Swan Ring


 This ring is about the many faces of love.

Often, as in the story of Swan Lake, we fall in love with the White Swan. Suddenly the Black Swan appears and replaces the person we first fell in love with. The White Swan will return again, but now we know: the Black Swan is behind the curtain, always waiting for its moment. We learn to understand, accept and live with the different aspects of our beloved…. and that’s the moment when “in love “ turns into TRUE love.

This ring is for those who are brave enough to honor the Black Swan.

This design is set in 18K gold and features what I consider to be the king of stones - black diamonds - adorning the swan’s body, with a central black diamond as its heart, a tiny ruby for the eye, and complementary white and black diamonds along the sides.


  • 18K Gold
  • Black Diamonds
  • Ruby
  • White Diamonds
  • .925 Blackened Sterling Silver


*All items are made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Note: these are hand-fabricated items featuring natural stones, which means that each piece will have its own unique variations.



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