Anastasia Simes

The Ring of Power



The Ring of Power

Power is unmistakable. People sense it as soon as you enter the room, as soon as you look into their eyes and utter your first words...

This golden eye ring is about the manifestation of power. It is for the masters of spirit and focus who know what is theirs and who have the ability to shape their lives before life has a chance to shape them. This ring is for those awakened beings who create their lives meticulously and tirelessly, one day at a time, until it is a masterpiece. They are always in a state of red alert, and they never miss their appointment with fate.

This golden eye ring carries with it a message: "Don’t mess with me, because you can’t." The mountain will move, the clouds will not cast a shadow over your face, and the waters will part because you’re marching toward your goal.

Made in sections on hinges, this golden eye ring of power adapts seamlessly to your every movement. It sits comfortably on your finger, shimmering, hypnotizing and commanding attention. In spite of being a monumental piece, it is so comfortable and lightweight that after a while, you won’t notice it is on. But others do!

This ring is made from blackened and textured .925 Sterling Silver and 14k Gold, employing the ancient lost wax technique. The Golden Eye looks at you with all of the intensity that the black diamond at its center is capable of. The armor is accented with Black Spinel gemstones.

- Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver
- 14k Gold
- Black Diamond
- Black Spinel
- Comfortable lightweight construction on hinges
- Unisex

* This golden eye ring is a made-to-order item. Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery. Please remember that this is a hand-fabricated item and each piece will have slight variations.

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