I once described Anastasia's jewelry as the objects new civilizations will know us by, and I think that gets to the heart of what makes her creations so spectacular: they are iconic in their quality, beauty, and imagination. I have rings, pendants, and earrings from Anastasia, and I know all of them will outlive me. I wear at least one of her zodiac pendants every day, and I choose them based on the power I want to draw. She has a talent for imbuing each jewel with their own forcefield of energy in addition to conveying the archetypes tied to the astrological signs. Then there's sentiment, too – I often reach for my Pisces pendant when I miss my sister, my Libra when I miss my beloved dog. I'm such a believer in the magic of these jewels that I give Anastasia's jewelry to the people I love so they can have their own armor, too. It is an honor to wear this art and a gift to exist in the world at the same time as this incredible person and artist. Thank you for your work, Anastasia.

~ Ruth Awad , poet

The Capricorn ring is AMAZING!!

~ Shaun Jones

Thank you so much. These earrings are everything I hoped they would be. I loved your beautiful and careful packaging as well. I will treasure and enjoy these gorgeous pieces of jewelry for years to come.

~ Janice Pastron

Thanks Anastasia. Your artistic jewelry is still at the top of my favorites!

~ Carolyn MacKinnon

When I got to know of Anastasia’s jewelry, it resonated with me on a deep level. I had never worn rings prior to finding her parrot ring, since everything that I tried were too much of a decorative piece and felt foreign to  me. Ever since then, I have acquired more pieces from her collection to wear depending on my mood and particular phase in life. When I wear her jewelry, I feel like I can tackle the world. It is no longer just a pretty piece to look at, but transcends the world of aesthetics into a higher level.

~ Nora Valtonen Matilla , astrophysicist , makeup designer, photographer

One of my favorite films, 'Gaslight', a 1944 picture starring Charles Boyer and Ingrid Bergman, is (to an extent) about the power that jewelry holds over some. At the end of the film, Boyer's character says something which has always rung true for me: "jewels are wonderful things... they have a life of their own."

This quote always comes to mind whenever I am afforded the privilege of looking through Anastasia Simes' collection of rings and totems. Her pieces are enchanting, beautiful, dark, mysterious, and best worn by those who understand and believe in the power of gemstones, symbology, and the Universe itself. I can sit for hours, entranced, admiring all of the glittering jewels and fine details of her incomparable designs. I always receive comments and compliments on my rings and my medallion, which I wear daily, and I know it's not only because these pieces of jewelry are unique and intriguing-- it's also because they are quite powerful and they come alive in a mysterious way when they've adapted to the person wearing them. The rings make my hands feel like sculptures... like complete works of art. They are quite unlike anything i've seen. I hope to someday adorn every one of my fingers with Anastasia's beautiful rings, and I look forward to adding more of her masterpieces to my collection.

~ Chloé Liautaud