I once described Anastasia's jewelry as the objects new civilizations will know us by, and I think that gets to the heart of what makes her creations so spectacular: they are iconic in their quality, beauty, and imagination. I have rings, pendants, and earrings from Anastasia, and I know all of them will outlive me. I wear at least one of her zodiac pendants every day, and I choose them based on the power I want to draw. She has a talent for imbuing each jewel with their own forcefield of energy in addition to conveying the archetypes tied to the astrological signs. Then there's sentiment, too – I often reach for my Pisces pendant when I miss my sister, my Libra when I miss my beloved dog. I'm such a believer in the magic of these jewels that I give Anastasia's jewelry to the people I love so they can have their own armor, too. It is an honor to wear this art and a gift to exist in the world at the same time as this incredible person and artist. Thank you for your work, Anastasia.

~ Ruth Awad , poet

The Capricorn ring is AMAZING!!

~ Shaun Jones

Thank you so much. These earrings are everything I hoped they would be. I loved your beautiful and careful packaging as well. I will treasure and enjoy these gorgeous pieces of jewelry for years to come.

~ Janice Pastron

Thanks Anastasia. Your artistic jewelry is still at the top of my favorites!

~ Carolyn MacKinnon

When I got to know of Anastasia’s jewelry, it resonated with me on a deep level. I had never worn rings prior to finding her parrot ring, since everything that I tried were too much of a decorative piece and felt foreign to  me. Ever since then, I have acquired more pieces from her collection to wear depending on my mood and particular phase in life. When I wear her jewelry, I feel like I can tackle the world. It is no longer just a pretty piece to look at, but transcends the world of aesthetics into a higher level.

~ Nora Valtonen Matilla , astrophysicist , makeup designer, photographer