Anastasia Simes

Long Aries Earrings


Life is never boring for the fiery, ambitious, irresistible people born under the sign of Aries. They have incredible drive, possess tremendous courage, and enjoy the personal protection of Mars, the feisty and mighty Roman god of war. They don’t hesitate in grabbing the world by the lapels and demand what is rightfully their’s. This boldness creates an aura of excitement around Aries, but also keeps those near them on their toes. The message of this earrings is clear: The sun will always shine on you because you own the day. Now go ahead and claim it!

All of the pieces are made from blackened and textured .925 Sterling Silver employing the ancient lost wax technique. I set them with Citrine gemstones as they are considered to be one of the birth stones of Aires and reminds of their flaming nature.

-Citrine gemstones
-Spinel gemstones
-.925 Sterling Silver
-Secure European Lever-back  Closure

* This is a made to order item. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Please remember that this is a hand fabricated item and each piece will have slight variations.

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