Anastasia Simes

Aquarius Earrings


These earrings are dedicated to charming, slightly eccentric, forward thinking rebels who where born under the sign of the Water Bearer. They don't like to be constrained by conventional thinking. Therefore they create their own rules and maps, always finding the way through the obstacles like water, the symbol that I chose to put on my Aquarius collection.

All of the pieces of Aquarius Collection are made from blackened and textured .925 Sterling Silver . 

 I used Blue Topaz gemstones, one of the birth stones of Aquarius, in all the pieces. They look like drops of water. May they bring you realization and fulfillment.

These earrings are great for people who want to signal to the world that they are one of a kind. 

All the power to you, my Aquarian friends, in transforming the world. Let this jewelry remind you to listen to your intuition and abide by your rules. They are the only ones you really need. 

-925. Sterling Silver
-Blue Topaz gemstones
-Spinel gemstones
-.925 Sterling Silver
-Secure European Leverback Hoop Closure

* This is a made to order item. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Please remember that this is a hand fabricated item and each piece will have slight variations.

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