Anastasia Simes

Dragon Armor Ring with Citrine


Dragons are mysterious beings. Half bird, half snake, they roam through humanity’s most ancient dreams.

Powerful and primal, they possess the authority of the ruler. Monarchs liked to have them on their crests to signify the invincibility of their kingdoms.

Set with 862 shimmering black spinels and golden citrine in the center, this dragon scale armor ring is a striking piece of shining armor, reminiscent of dragon scales. May it remind you that well-focused intentions and dreams create your reality.  

This finger armor ring design features:


 • 925 Sterling Silver

 •  Black Spinel

 •  Citrine

 •  Comfortable, lightweight construction 


* This dragon scale armor ring is a made-to-order item. Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery. Please remember that this is a hand-fabricated item and each piece will have slight variations.

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