Anastasia Simes

Dagger Pendant, Large


The dagger can symbolize many different things: assertiveness; power; freedom; mastery of execution in words and actions; courage; wit; victories on the battlefield of love; clout; speech; or even a war waged against your own nature. Whatever your chosen field of combat, it is up to you to determine what the dagger represents for you. But it is a statement, and it amplifies whatever you broadcast, whether you are an unforgettable heartbreaker who inflicts wounds of love, or a warrior who campaigns for justice. 

 This dagger, tinged with a drop of blood, signifies fearlessness and determination to win, no matter the cost. Created with sharp precision, it is exciting from every angle.

 In this design, I revived an extraordinarily complicated antique technique that creates square openings for the round stones, which maximizes their brilliance and play of light.

Made of oxidized Sterling Silver with 14k detail, the design features hand engravings on the sides and back, as well as a selection of stone colors befitting such a dramatic artifact: the blazing sparkle of zirconium and the cold black of spinel are accentuated by the drop-shaped garnet that glows with fiery intensity. 

 - 925. Oxidized Sterling Silver

- 14kt Gold

- Black spinel

- Garnet

- Zirconium 

- Comes with 18" Sterling Silver chain

 *READY TO SHIP AND FULLY RETURNABLE. I have a limited number of pieces in stock ready to be shipped right away. These earrings could be returned for a full refund within 7 days of receiving. Please allow 2-5 days for delivery. Note: these are hand-fabricated items featuring natural stones, which means that each piece will have its own unique variations.

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