If you are looking for the uncommon, you have arrived.

-Anastasia Simes



Based in Washington D.C. area, Anastasia Simes Jewelry is a small independent company that creates unique hand-crafted jewelry.

Each piece is made by hand from Anastasia’s original drawings by artists trained in Old World techniques and impeccable craftsmanship. Her aesthetics are unusual-she fuses the ancient tribal designs with European refinement. The end result is bold, breathtaking, and always unforgettable . Her creations are highly sought after by connoisseurs around the world who crave their beauty, powerful imagery and originality.

Her collectors are creative visionaries and leaders. People who are looking for more then an adornment ..for empowering talisman, a piece of wearable art which is made specifically for them and speaks of them. In essence it is an everyday shining armor for the modern spiritual warriors.



 Even before I started to make it, I spent most of my life mesmerized by the captivating force of jewelry. For me it was never just an accessory, but an expression of something deeper. I spent years and years hunting it, studying it, and thinking about it. My appetite for it grew along with my collection. But one day I had a realization: the things I wanted most didn't exist. Revelation came when a friend asked me: "Why don't you design it yourself?"

 And so I did. It took my life in a completely different direction because I now had to figure out a way to bring the visions in my head into being. It began to claim all the waking hours of my life. (I work on it in my sleep, too.) In other words, I was possessed.

I wanted to see how I might combine ancient Shamanic mysticism with the sophistication of 19th century European technique and the edge of 21st century avant-garde fashion. How could I fuse together the primitive and the sublime to get the most powerful and intense results? 

 I started making designs for people like me, my tribe – all of us who want jewelry that speaks to us and of us. That’s what I strive to do with every piece I create. 

This jewelry is not for everyone, but:

 If you are not faint at heart….if you dare to wear big and unusual pieces, this might be for you.

 If you are looking for something more than an adornment…… an amulet, a protection spell, a special piece of jewelry you can have a relationship with….you have come to the right place.

 That’s what I essentially do: create everyday armor for modern mystics.

 All of the pieces you see on my site are based on my original drawings. I am merging many techniques and cultures in order to create unusual jewelry that speaks of drama and old magic, manifestation of power, and the magnetism of personality. If you are looking for the uncommon, you have arrived. 

 I make jewelry for you as I would make it for myself: with all the honesty and mastery I am capable of now.

 And comfort is non-negotiable. Over the years, my work in theater as a costume and set designer taught me that every piece I make should be highly functional. I worked on a lot of productions in which people had to dance, fight, roll around and hang upside down in costumes and jewelry I created. My pieces are often big – that’s probably one of the reasons you are here – but it’s important that you are able to live in them. Each design is put through numerous tests, and many versions are developed, until I achieve that. 

 I’m assisted by the most skillful jewelers, making their years of expertise your  asset. If workmanship is important to you, it is crucial for me. I never cut corners.

 I take what I do very seriously because the end result is not just a well-crafted piece of wearable art, but a collaboration with your spirit. 

 I am an artist. My main purpose in life is to create beauty. I create it the way I see it, the way I understand it, the way I can.

 Beauty has many faces. To me, beauty has muscle. It evokes power. To wear the right jewelry should feel as if all the towers of your fortress are protected and you are connected to the heart of the world.